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Planning Applications

Taunton Area Cycling Campaign want to give voice to the many cyclists in the area and make the Taunton area for a haven for leisure cyclists and cycling commuters alike.  We want to improve the choice of sustainable transport options including public transport, cycling and walking and  make Taunton into a ‘Garden Town’.

With Taunton changing rapidly with plans for 13,000 new homes and accompanying roads under construction or planned, part of our  campaign is to offer constructive alternatives to Councillors, planners and developers and make pedestrian and cyclist voices matter.  By offering comments on planning applications in our local area we can really make a difference to  the walking and cycling environments and infrastructure.

Have your say on Taunton Centre Improvements

Have your say on the Taunton Centre Improvements to the Public Space. The public consultation ends on Monday 20th March.

Taunton Deane Borough Council is looking at ways of making Taunton town centre more user friendly; creating attractive public space and making the area better for pedestrians and cyclists. They want to create new and improved public areas that are attractive; where people can walk, shop or simply sit and rest awhile, areas with fewer vehicles, less pollution and reduced noise.

Go to to have your say by filling in the questionnaire or emailing. This is your chance to improve the town centre for everyone.

Have your say about East Street

Artists impression from website

Please check out what TACC have written in general in support of the proposal with some suggestions.


Good News – Update on Taunton Cycle Map

We are working with Sustrans and Taunton Deane Council to update and print the former Somerset County Council Taunton cycle network map. Many people who responded to our survey last summer commented on the need for an up to date cyclingmap for Taunton. There is now agreement that the map will be funded largely by Sustrans with a financial contribution from Taunton Deane Council and should be available in the next two months.

Cycling election hustings 10 April 2017 – Our Verdict

What will the different political parties pledge to do to promote and encourage more cycling in the Taunton area? Do they understand what needs to be done?

We got encouraging answers to these questions at the hustings. Key points from the panellists:

  • A serious cycle network plan and funding is needed, although a start can be make using the County Councils Small Improvements Scheme budget (which most would pursue).
  • Design standards need to be improved. Most of the panellists gave examples-difficulties of crossing roundabouts and side roads, unnecessary ‘furniture’. One panellists sited an injury to themselves caused by similar furniture.
  • Most panellists don’t believe that increasing traffic capacity is the answer to congestion, and a number thought it is counter productive.

Panellists also told us about their experience of cycling locally and their favourite rides. All use cycles and their favourites rides showcased the wonderful scenery and network of quiet lanes that surrounds Taunton.

Overall we were encouraged that all the party representatives seemed to ‘get it’. However, a key message to all the parties  must be that we will judge them not on warm words and policies, but on budgets for investment and delivery on the ground.

We thank all the panellists for taking part, our excellent Chair Chris Hutchinson, the audience for taking part and asking questions and TACC members for putting the event together.

There is a good write up of the event by Amy Cole in the Somerset County Gazette: TACChustings




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