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Sign our A358 call for cycle provision as part of the proposed A358 scheme

Please support our call for cycle provision as part of the A358 proposals by signing this petition Call for A358 cycle provision. Thanks also to everyone who sent comments directly to Highways England.

As part of Highways England’s £250-£450m scheme to upgrade the A358, we call for:
1. A quality cycletrack between Ilminster and Taunton
2. Safe and attractive crossing to A358/Junction 25 at the M5-a bridge or a tunnel
3. Confirmation that wherever the road cuts across quiet rural lanes, safe crossings will be provided

Why is this important?

There is substantial scope to encourage more cycling to work and for other purposes, in the Ilminster-Taunton A358 corridor. There are numerous communities close by and a major 4000 job development is planned. Taunton is a designated Garden Town which means a bigger emphasis on sustainanble travel. The road scheme is an opportunity to address this. Doing it later will be far more costly. The A358 is a terrifying road to use. Why should people have to be terrified in order to take a simple journey? Instead, a cycletrack along the A358 could become part of the National Cycle Network benefiting families and children, as well as day to day cycling.

Please support our call for cycle provision as part of the A358 proposals by signing this petition. Thanks also to everyone who sent comments directly to Highways England.

Christmas comes early for TACC

Our goal of signing 500 supporters by Christmas has been achieved with a few weeks to spare; our supporter base now totals 504!

Needless to say the more supporters we sign up the more chance we have, hopefully, of achieving our aims of Better – for the environment and the Garden Town of Taunton and surrounding area, Quicker – door to door and no need to find a parking space and Fitter – feel fitter and healthier so work will continue to expand our supporter base.

Next stop 1,000 …

TACC’s new website name goes live

For those of you that have tried to search for the Taunton Area Cycling Campaign website using Google it will come as no surprise to you that only references to the site and not the actual site itself were found. As our supporter base grew it was becoming more and more frustrating that news items and valuable information featured on the website were not being found and viewed.

That has now all changed as we launch our new website name which is  A big thank you to our volunteer web master Paolo who masterminded this change.

Unfortunately our promotional material is now out of date so when handing out these items, business cards for example, please point out our new website name.

New website of TACC launched in December 2017.
There we are … page one!

Sustrans volunteers discover Foxglove Cycle Trail

On Saturday 18 November Sustrans held their annual regional meet-up. The meeting was well attended and was a great opportunity to network with other Sustrans volunteers as well as to gather useful information. Bob Steele (Mid-Somerset co-ordinator) gave a presentation about the work of the group which was well received. There was also a presentation about the Taunton Project from Ruby Tobin.

Representatives of Sustrans, including James Cleeton, Regional Director, reminded and inspired all attendees about the core aims of Sustrans as well as issues around land and the cycle network management. A workshop covering the planning process and how to influence planning decisions was also held.

Sustrans held their annual regional meet-up with volunteers.

The day finished with a ride around the Taunton Foxglove Cycle Trail led by Mike Ginger of TACC.

It was a great opportunity to test the trail on another group of people and the response was very positive. Even people who have lived locally for years said that they were discovering green spaces that they didn’t know existed.


TACC have funding for the way marking and we are now seeking funding to produce a map of the route together with a sizeable print run with a launch date hopefully achievable by Spring 2018. This is supported by Visit Taunton who receive lots of requests for cycling information.

For a map of the Foxglove Cycle Trail click here.

Almost 500 supporters

On Saturday 18th November members of TACC held another supporter recruitment day. The day exceeded all expectations and a further 89 new supporters were signed up.

Again it was great to hear from local residents, not only from those who cycle but also from non-cyclists who understand the need to encourage cycling in and around the town, who support the aims of TACC.More TACC supporters were registered in November 2017.

Our supporter base now stands at 493 supporters which is just seven short of our 500 signed up supporters by Christmas target; a big well done to all those involved!

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