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What TACC did in 2018/19

This is a brief report of what we did in 2018/19.


  • Launched the ‘Turn the network blue’ campaign with mass launch at the Market House. Petition has 1100 supporters, 6 parish councils have written in support. Presented to Somerset County Council/Taunton Deane Borough Council (SCC/TDBC) full councils. Rebecca Pow MP is providing political support.
  • A358 Expressway. Petition submitted to Highways England (HE) in Bristol. HE are studying options for J25 in detail and seeking funding to study Taunton – Ilminster. Meeting has been promised.
  • Staplegrove (including Kingston St Mary – Town). Fruitful discussions with land promoters on various aspects. SCC have failed to provide a meeting to discuss key issues although promised twice. Have written to Cllr Woodman and action planned for 27 April 2019.
  • Great Western Railway (GWR) have introduced 30 additional cycle parking spaces at the station, following our campaign and discussions with them.
  • Articulated support for experimental closure of St James Street with impromptu flash mob in the rain. We were thanked for this. Experimental scheme expected to start in May 2019.
  • Supermarket parking. Put on hold due to workload but plan to present Lidl/Tesco with wooden spoon or broken pedal and Aldi with a golden pedal (or equivalent).
  • Station Road. Councillor Coles committed to putting forward our cycle improvement suggestions for Small Improvement Scheme funding, but didn’t. He hasn’t replied to our emails and phone messages so we don’t know what happened. However, we met Councillor Hunt, who has committed to promoting a scheme under the next round of funding.
  • Commented on a variety of proposals including Rowbarton gyratory.


  • Foxglove Trail launched in Bike week with leaflet, way marking and launch ride. Way marking is often vandalised at a limited number of locations (mainly in middle class areas).
  • Application for GWR funding not successful.
  • Application for Road Safety Trust funding successful. Project includes bikeability training, close pass hi viz materials, close pass signs and bike camera to load footage onto police website.
  • Funding secured for feasibility study of Wellington-Taunton cycle route and study scope agreed with Sustrans.
  • Took Councillor Woodman (SCC, Transport lead) on tour of cycling infrastructure and design problems.

Collaborative working

  • TACC surveys/data used to input into Local cycling and walking infrastructure plan (LCWIP). Review of network session using City Science report.
  • Liaison group with SCC Road Safety and Police. We have been pushing for ‘close pass’ campaign but police are not supportive of free standing campaign. They ran an operation on Station Road in response to high collision rate there but only really focussed on footway cycling – a major missed opportunity. Generally disappointed with lack of progress.
  • Survey of students at Taunton Academy resulting in advisory 20 mph zone and other areas of collaborative work.
  • Meeting and support to Bishops Lydeard cycle route group.
  • Support and advice in setting up of Bridgwater Area Cycling Campaign.


  • TACC had stalls at 5 events. Supporters have grown to 700.
  • Approx 12 newsletters sent out and regular postings on fb/twitter.
  • Featured numerous times in local media and via radio interviews (BBC, Apple FM).

‘Turn the network blue’ – petition

Taunton has massive potential for more cycling and walking journeys as an alternative to short car trips. Fifty percent of trips in Taunton are less than 2 miles. More cycling and walking would help reduce congestion, cut pollution, improve health, give people more reliable journey times, and save them money. It would give freedom and independence to some of the thousands of people who don’t have access to a car, particularly young people and children. An efficient transport system will support the economy.
Sign our petition to invest in more cycle routes and parking

Somerset County Council tends to favour road schemes when bidding for capital funds for transport. Over £40m has recently been spent or is planned for road schemes. We are asking their the next major scheme is a cycling and walking network project.

Therefore we ask you to support the campaign for new cycle routes and parking in the Taunton Area. Read more about our campaign and please sign our petition at

TACC takes Somerset Council Transport Chief on tour

Cllr John Woodman, cabinet member for Highways and Transportation  took up our invitation to join a ride around some the cycle network in Taunton.  Accompanied by public health and highways officers and members of TACC, Cllr Woodman experienced for himself the good, the bad and the ugly of the cycle routes and highway design in the town, following a circuit from County Hall, via Wellington Road, French Weir, Trenchard Way, Winkworth Way, Duke Street and the Parade.

ACC takes Somerset Council Transport Chief on tour

Among the problems highlighted were discontinuous cycleways alongside main roads, where people on bikes have to give way to minor roads, and difficult junctions at Compass Hill and Priory Park roundabout. An old but very good piece of cycleway design was highlighted at Winkworth Way, where there is a separate cycleway and pavement, a design preferred by both cyclists and pedestrians to the more recent shared pavements approach.  The tour also highlighted the need to connect the network where there are missing links, to enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle without fear of fast moving and heavy motor traffic.

It was also an opportunity for Cllr Woodman to try an e-bike for the first time, kindly loaned for the day by Nationwide E-bikes on Priorswood Road.

Cllr Woodman said  “I gained an understanding of what the problems are and how they could be addressed.  The council will shortly start work on a new Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, to which TACC will be invited to contribute.  The more people that cycle, the less traffic congestion and pollution we will have, and of course those people who do cycle will be healthier and fitter, which is great news for the NHS and social care. “

Taunton’s Transport Plan – making sure cycling is a priority

This is an opportunity to show that cycling isn’t a peripheral issue but a part of the
solution to Taunton’s transport issues. We need to show support for the active
travel ideas in the plan, and push the local authorities still further. Please respond
to the on line consultation here by Friday 17 August.

Large sums have recently been committed to road schemes locally. The NIDR,
proposed Toneway scheme and the junction 25 proposal together amount to
approximately £40m. The A358 upgade will cost £250-400m. So what is the
budget for cycling/walking? Nothing. Time to change the balance by asking say for
£5-10m investment in walking and cycling, as a ‘major scheme’ bid.

Tell the local authorities that cycling is important via this link.

Petition about A358 scheme presented to Highways England

Our petition calling for proper cycle provision, as part of HE’s A358 scheme, was presented to HE in Bristol yesterday. The Regional Director, Nick Aldworth was due to receive it, but was called to Parliament to meet six South West MPs. Instead, we presented the petition to the Communications Manager Karen Duffet.

Petition presented to Highways England

The petition has 624 signatures, but you can still sign it here : A358 Petition

The petition asks as part of Highways England’s £250-£450m scheme to upgrade the A358 for:
1. A quality cycletrack between Ilminster and Taunton;
2. Safe and attractive crossing to A358/Junction 25 at the M5-a bridge or a tunnel;
3. Confirmation that wherever the road cuts across quiet rural lanes, safe crossings will be provided.

Our suggestions are line with Highways England’s own Cycling Strategy and the Governmen’ts Cycling Strategy. Highways England have a dedicated cycle budget of at least £100m.

We were told that, among other things, the project team were looking into a separate budget they have access to, in order to make walking and cycling provision. There are likely to be follow up discussions once they announce their ‘preferred route’ and we will be demanding that this takes place.

Response to the Government’s Cycle Safety Review

Early 2018 the Department for Transport has ran a consultation on ways to make cycling and walking safer while supporting the government’s ambition to increase cycling and walking.

Consultation on safety

There are six topics in this review in relation to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

These topics concern the impact of road signs and infrastructure, laws and rules relating to road safety and their enforcement, training and educating road users, government policy on vehicles and equipment, and understanding and awareness of different types of road users in relation to cycle use.

The TACC has responded to each of these six topics comprehensively. Read our response »

What is your big safety bug?

The Department for Transport is urging the public to take part in a consultation on cycling and walking before the 1 June deadline.
The department’s call for evidence on cycling and walking – Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review in England – and seeks views and opinions on everything from improved infrastructure to education for all road users.
Jesse Norman, the Minister responsible for the review,  said: “I want us to become a nation of cyclists, and to make cycling the natural choice of transport for people of all ages and backgrounds.

“Our call for evidence supports an open, comprehensive and thorough review across government to encourage active travel and improve safety for all road users. We particularly want to hear from vulnerable road users, so if you have ideas for improving road safety then please let us know.”

“We are determined to make cycling safer and easier across the country. Already this year we have announced an investment of £100,000 each in three innovative cycle safety projects, on top of the recent £7m to improve cycle safety. This is all part of the first-ever statutory ‘Cycling and walking investment strategy’.”

To respond, go to

To find out more

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