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What TACC did in 2018/19

This is a brief report of what we did in 2018/19.


  • Launched the ‘Turn the network blue’ campaign with mass launch at the Market House. Petition has 1100 supporters, 6 parish councils have written in support. Presented to Somerset County Council/Taunton Deane Borough Council (SCC/TDBC) full councils. Rebecca Pow MP is providing political support.
  • A358 Expressway. Petition submitted to Highways England (HE) in Bristol. HE are studying options for J25 in detail and seeking funding to study Taunton – Ilminster. Meeting has been promised.
  • Staplegrove (including Kingston St Mary – Town). Fruitful discussions with land promoters on various aspects. SCC have failed to provide a meeting to discuss key issues although promised twice. Have written to Cllr Woodman and action planned for 27 April 2019.
  • Great Western Railway (GWR) have introduced 30 additional cycle parking spaces at the station, following our campaign and discussions with them.
  • Articulated support for experimental closure of St James Street with impromptu flash mob in the rain. We were thanked for this. Experimental scheme expected to start in May 2019.
  • Supermarket parking. Put on hold due to workload but plan to present Lidl/Tesco with wooden spoon or broken pedal and Aldi with a golden pedal (or equivalent).
  • Station Road. Councillor Coles committed to putting forward our cycle improvement suggestions for Small Improvement Scheme funding, but didn’t. He hasn’t replied to our emails and phone messages so we don’t know what happened. However, we met Councillor Hunt, who has committed to promoting a scheme under the next round of funding.
  • Commented on a variety of proposals including Rowbarton gyratory.


  • Foxglove Trail launched in Bike week with leaflet, way marking and launch ride. Way marking is often vandalised at a limited number of locations (mainly in middle class areas).
  • Application for GWR funding not successful.
  • Application for Road Safety Trust funding successful. Project includes bikeability training, close pass hi viz materials, close pass signs and bike camera to load footage onto police website.
  • Funding secured for feasibility study of Wellington-Taunton cycle route and study scope agreed with Sustrans.
  • Took Councillor Woodman (SCC, Transport lead) on tour of cycling infrastructure and design problems.

Collaborative working

  • TACC surveys/data used to input into Local cycling and walking infrastructure plan (LCWIP). Review of network session using City Science report.
  • Liaison group with SCC Road Safety and Police. We have been pushing for ‘close pass’ campaign but police are not supportive of free standing campaign. They ran an operation on Station Road in response to high collision rate there but only really focussed on footway cycling – a major missed opportunity. Generally disappointed with lack of progress.
  • Survey of students at Taunton Academy resulting in advisory 20 mph zone and other areas of collaborative work.
  • Meeting and support to Bishops Lydeard cycle route group.
  • Support and advice in setting up of Bridgwater Area Cycling Campaign.


  • TACC had stalls at 5 events. Supporters have grown to 700.
  • Approx 12 newsletters sent out and regular postings on fb/twitter.
  • Featured numerous times in local media and via radio interviews (BBC, Apple FM).

Wear something blue – thanks for the great turn out

On 29 September we launched the ‘Turn the Network Blue’ campaign – calling on the local authorities to support a bid for £10m so that the cycling network can be transformed in the Taunton area. This is just what our Garden Town needs.

The response to our call to wear something blue was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came along. It was a strong demonstration of support for better cycling in the Taunton area. We made statements at Taunton Deane BC and Somerset CC on 2 October.

Thanks to people who have contacted us since the event. We really welcome people to become involved in our campaigns.

More photos here >

What we did in 2017

TACC 2017 Report on progress

The table below summarises progress in 2017 under 10 headings.

item progress comments
1 Taunton cycle and walking map Updated and published. In conjunction with Sustrans, TDBC financial support. Strong demand. Promoted at TACC stalls especially in town centre.
2. Major Scheme Bid for major network improvements (over £5m) SCC have agreed to work with TACC on this. SCC have won funding to start technical work on local cycle and walking improvement plan. Awaiting growth fund allocations to the LEP.
3. Staplegrove Urban extension Statements at two planning meetings and meeting with developers. Commitment to ongoing engagement.
4. Firepool Petition for change of policy on no cycling on the Boulevard got 540 signatures. Resulted in change of policy. Needs agreement of many details including demarkation of the cycle provision.
5. Coal Orchard Direct engagement with TACC on details of NCN and other design aspects, following on from TACC’s reps at planning committee.
6. Hotspots
Station Road Going forward as SIS bid following TACC representations. Promoted by Cllr Coles and supported by Cllr Hunt.

SCC have collision reduction proposals for station acces.

TACC site visit. Six members compiled a table of suggested improvements. We met councillors on site to explain our ideas.
Market cobbles No progress. Injury collisions still occuring. Opportunity through public realm improvements.
J25 Bid for funding put forward by SCC. Potential HE funding. HE are funding options study. Vital link to Nexus 25.
Wellinton-Taunton link No significant progress. Needs major scheme bid. Mount Vets access has damaged existing cycle path.
Bishops Lydeard-Taunton Parish council cycling group still considering if to consult land owners. Needs major scheme bid.
Compass Hill Gyratory SCC are looking for ideas. Still waiting promised 1:500 plan from SCC.
Crescent Roundabout SCC looking at scheme to tighten up the roundabout.
Tangier Way No progress.
Obridge viaduct and low level route Scheme put forward for SIS funding following TACC representations. To include link from Wickes cycle path, more effective signing and lining.
Silk Mills No progress.
Leycroft Ave subway Resurfaced. Not machine laid.
East Reach No progress.
South Road/Shoreditch Road No progress.
Canal towpath Improvements proposed as part of TDBC public realm consultation and as part of Firepool.
Creech Castle junction Improved at grade crossings proposed including single stage crossing of Toneway. SCC hosted design workshop where TACC’s ideas were examined.
6. Grow TACC membership support base to 500 490 supporters mid Nov 2017. TACC have run 6 successful stalls.
7. TACC Website Website created. Further work needed to change domain name and get file hosting to ensure higher prominence on Google.
8. Bike Week Bike Revival Funding secured and first led ride of proposed ‘Foxglove Cycle Trail’. First successful town centre events with newly printed cycle maps
9. Building group publicity and information resources TACC business cards, 2 banners, key rings and poster designed and produced. 15 hotspots and 50 issues maps and survey report.

Produced and presented to Taunton Deane and Somerset County Councils. TACC polo shirts produced.

Established recognition from the local authorities.


10a Political engagement

Taunton Deane Council

TACC statement and map presented to Taunton Deane with survey report.  Statement to Taunton on Firepool. Statement to Taunton Planning Committee on Firepool, Coal Orchard and Staplegrove.

Distribution to Councillors and officers Making Space for Cycling report.

10b Political engagement

Somerset County Council

TACC statement and map presented to Somerset County Council with survey report. Meeting with Councillor David Fothergill and Councillor Roger Habgood. Regular meetings with David Mitchell and other Highway officers. Liaison with Councillors Hunt, Coles and Willliams on SIS schemes.

Distribution to Councillors and officers Making Space for Cycling report.

10c Political engagement


Meeting with Rebecca Pow MP April 2018 to discuss A358, cycle network development and design issues.
Develop quality network tube map Draft map produced and used at various meetings with councils etc.



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