GE2017 – Response from Labour Party

Martin Jevons, Labour Party; holding reply received from a Labour Party activist

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Question 1: Dutch-style cycling network for Taunton

Question 2: Adopting up to date design guidance for cycling infrastructure

Question 3: Creating high quality safe cycleways

Question 4: Spending to improve bus services, walking and cycling

Question 5: Working with TACC


Martin is currently on holiday but will be back at the weekend. The decision to call a snap election as caught us all on the hop so in Martin’s absence I will put forward the Labour Party manifesto aims.

1 Bring the rail franchises in public ownership
2 Commit to keeping Network Rail into public hands
3 Build a Crossrail for the North
4 Introduce a National bus strategy
5 Making cycling safer and more accessible with national standards to reduce deaths and serious injury.

Somerset Labour party are committed to Sustainable Communities. A major part of that would be enhanced public transport and reduce the number of vehicle mile in the county. At the same time encouraging the use of public transport, cycling and walking. The effects on the environment and health would be beneficial to all the people of Somerset. Will work with local cycling groups to ensure that we provide a grass roots solution to Taunton’s traffic problem.