Taunton Area Cycle Network upgrade campaign

TACC is preparing a campaign for major investment in the cycle network. The campaign is called ‘Turn the network blue’. Scroll down through the below leaflet to the cycle network ‘tube map’ and you will immediately see what the campaign is about.

On 29 September we launched the ‘Turn the Network Blue’ campaign – calling on the local authorities to support a bid for £10m so that the cycling network can be transformed in the Taunton area. This is just what our Garden Town needs. Find my pictures of the event here.

Thanks to everyone for coming along and wearing blue to the ‘Turn the Network blue’ rally


We’ll be making statements at Taunton Deane BC and Somerset CC. We would welcome support when we address TDBC on Tuesday 2 October. The meeting starts at 6.30pm and it’s in Shire Hall (behind the Council House).



The full tube map (network quality map)





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