Turn the Network Blue September 2018

On 29 September 2018 TACC launched the ‘Turn the Network Blue’ campaign – calling on the local authorities to support a bid for £10m so that the cycling network can be transformed in the Taunton area. This is just what our Garden Town needs. We made statements at Taunton Deane BC and Somerset CC on 2 October 2018.
All the supporters of Turn the Network Blue

Below is the current picture of Taunton Area roads for cycling… remember red for pretty dire to blue for reasonably safe….
With some much needed investment we can turn this network blue and make Taunton the cycling town of Britain!

Many thanks to all that turned up for the Turn the Network Blue event … The more voices we have the more power we have to change.




Taunton Area Cycling Network Tube Map
Taunton Area Cycling Network Tube Map

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