New Report on Garden Towns including Taunton

Transport for New Homes has published a report on Garden Towns and Villages raising concerns that their planning and layout will perpetuate the dominance of motor vehicles and dependence on them.
Garden Towns and Villages is a government initiative to tackle the housing shortage in the UK. More than 50 garden towns and villages are planned aimed at creating new sociable, green communities within walking distance of town centres and with sustainable transport systems.

Letchworth Garden City is the first garden city in the UK

Taunton is a designated Garden Town and is one of the case studies in the report. The report says: “Most are planned in the wrong locations, far from town centres and rail stations. They lack local facilities and their streets are designed around car use. Funding for walking, cycling and public transport is missing.
Sustainable transport is vital to tackling the climate crisis. Walking and cycling in particular have come to prominence during the health crisis, as have the benefits of living more locally. But the housing that we are planning threatens to take us in the opposite direction, locking us into car-dependent lifestyles for decades to come.

TACC encourages you to read the report and join us in working to ensure local authorities in Taunton work to preserve and develop the vision of the garden town in their planning decisions.

Download the report from Transport for New Homes.

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