Nexus Junction 25 proposals

Our submission to the consultation on the Nexus Junction 25 proposals

March 2017
Taunton Area Cycling Campaign (TACC) was formed in October 2016 and part of our remit is to work with the local authorities to improve the cycling and walking environment. We believe that more walking and cycling will help address Taunton’s traffic problems and provide public health and environmental benefits. TACC now has over 100 supporters. We have concerns about the following aspects of the proposed ‘Nexus 25’ development:

Specifically in the NPPF:

The Department for Transport’s Walking & Cycling Investment Strategy (March 2016) has the aim: “We want to make cycling and walking the natural choice for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey” and the “long term goal up to 2040 is that walking and cycling should be a normal part of everyday life, and the natural choice for shorter journeys such as the commute to school, college, work or leisure trips. We want to create a nation where cycling and walking are the norm for all people whatever their background or characteristics.”

Without a guarantee of provision of cycle and pedestrian bridge of minimum width of 4m these policy objectives will not be achieved.

In summary, TACC considers that the case for this development has yet to be made and that the currently proposed provision for sustainable transport is inadequate.