GE2019 – Response from Independent

Response from John Hunt, received 29 November 2019

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Question 1: Dutch-style cycling network for Taunton

Question 2: Adopting up to date design guidance for cycling infrastructure

Question 3: Creating high quality safe cycleways

Question 4: Spending to improve bus services, walking and cycling

Question 5: Working with TACC

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Q1. Yes I would support this if elected and for myself, I would very much like the opportunity to cycle safely around our County town.
Clearly significant investment would be needed, but first a realistic achievable plan must be put in place.
I’d work with yourselves, both district and county councils, including where available, parish councils in areas where proposed routes could be sited.
Your group already has advanced ideas on this, but I think we should and can go further.

Getting everyone onboard is very important at the early planing stage and using the Propensity to Cycling Tool would greatly assist.
If we’re to use a Dutch style scheme, then this would be expensive to achieve, however the benefits to the environment and our public health would be significant.
I’m fully onboard and I believe by involving everyone properly it can be achieved, particularly adding the huge benefit of getting us, as a town closer to the carbon neutrality we must quickly achieve.


Q2. ​Again it’s about finding the funding from somewhere, which of course I will try to achieve. I think it will be difficult to obtain separate funding for what could be a temporary fix, assuming Question one is achievable or at least started within a reasonable time scale.


Q3. Yes absolutely and again to integrate with the proposal in Question one.


Q4. No they’re far from adequate and yes, funding should come directly from central government for distribution at local council level, ring fenced of course, enabling those that understand the needs of their area best, the opportunity to use that money wisely.

I’m keen to get people out of cars and to that aim would lobby for funding to make a sustainable, low cost, frequent bus service, particularly serving our ‘cut-off’ rural communities.

Safe, well lit, dedicated cycling and walking provisions must be very much to the for and I’d like to see the introduction of a low cost electric bicycle hire system in our town.


Q5. This is an important issue and although there have been meeting in the past, there actual achievements have been limited.
I’d like to work with yourselves and specialists from all the relevant fields, transport, highways, planning, etc. Together with multi level councillor representation from the relevant areas plus any other useful local groups that can assist.
These groups should not only meet in offices, but should physically go to the areas being discussed.

That would be a lot of people, however if split into groups, each with its own area to deal with, a viable plan could and should be the result.
Thank you for sending me your questions and if elected, as now, your group has my full support.