Support our petition for better cycling provision in the proposed Firepool development

Please support our petition at Firepool petition.

The Firepool development is a once in a lifetime chance to provide a high quality cycle link to Taunton Town Centre from the Station, via the proposed Boulevard. However, TDBC say that cyclists will not be able to use the Boulevard, unless walking. They are proposing an alternative longer route which involves two crossings at the NIDR and which bypasses the main areas of activity (going past the car park). The photograph above (from Bristol) shows how cycling can be accommodated in the context of the Boulevard.

Station Road is one of the 15 hotspots for cyclists, from our 2016 survey. The Boulevard would enable people to avoid it, if heading to the town centre and beyond.

Providing poor quality cycling infrastructure is not consistent with the ambitions of Taunton’s Garden Town status. We ask TCBC as promoters of Firepool, to reconsider their policy for the Boulevard and design it so that it can be safely used by people walking and cycling.

TACC has submitted detailed comments on the Firepool proposal which you can see at TACC Firepool comments.


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