Survey 2016: Cycling in Taunton

During the summer of 2016 a cycling survey was conducted in Taunton and the surrounding area. Over 300 surveys were received which led to Taunton Area Cycling Campaign presenting the findings to the local authorities. We asked people to feed back what they considered specific issues that either deterred people from cycling or made it difficult to cycle in certain locations.

So far most mentioned: potholes ‘everywhere’, the cobbles in front of Market House, lack of provision on A38 from Wellington, safety on Station Road, condition of the canal towpath, lack of available cycle parking in the town centre (due to high demand), lack of information on the cycling network and missing links on it, problems with crossing J25, East Reach, Castle Street, lack of provision on A358 from Bishops Lydeard, along with many other problem locations.

Other important results are:

From the survey we identified fifty problem locations/issues and mapped them. The top 15 were highlighted in a further TACC-15-black-spots map. Both maps can be downloaded from this page.
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